How to use this website AND save money:

The art you see below is sorted by the most recently added to my various collections. To find something you like AND speed your search, click on one of the "Collections" in the column to the left. When you find something you are interested in, rather than purchase it from this website, email me for a DISCOUNT first.

If you purchase directly from this site, you are purchasing through Fine Art America. It is a great site for an artist to display their work, but you will save money and I will make more money if you buy directly from me. Tell me what you want and get a quote. EMAIL ME HERE.

Additionally, the available size options from Fine Art America can crop the art, so that it no longer displays the FULL image, including my signature. ONLY by purchasing directly from me can I guarantee the correct size at the lowest price. As the artist, I get a lower price by using various printers, who specialize in the media you select, i.e. canvas, metal, fine art paper, framing, etc. GET A QUOTE